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Fowler's uses a Flow 50 HP high precision Waterjet for high-speed cutting. Combined with a 94,000 psi Hyperjet intensifier pump, it produces one of the highest pressures in the industry, allowing us to cut faster, lower costs, and increase production. We can cut virtually any metal, as well as plastics and rubber. The waterjet can handle sheets sizes up to 78" x 156".

Up to 6" thick material can be cut with the Flow waterjet. It includes a Dynamic feature for faster, more accurate cutting and that allows the cutting head to tilt in any direction, compensating for the taper experienced with conventional waterjet cutting machines. It will virtually eliminate taper. The taper is < 1 degree in straight-line geometry up to 4" thick material. Dynamic Waterjet provides a higher quality cut part, which can often eliminate secondary processing saving valuable time and money. Flow's exclusive, patented large volume attenuator offers unmatched pressure stability at the cutting nozzle to generate a clean, smooth cut no matter what the material being cut.

Flow Waterjet cutting Titanium